EasiEst CD EasiEst is an advanced graphical estimating and management system which offers real benefits to every size of business in today's accident repair market, at a price which everyone can afford.

Motex provides a variety of EasiEst systems for all parties involved in the crash repair world. Our primary systems are for bodyshops, insurance engineers, independent assessors and parts suppliers. Our secondary systems cater for accident reconstruction experts, fleet companies, service centre scheduling and a variety of other more discreet business sectors.

All of the systems will operate on almost any modern computer with internet facilities, so you do not need to invest in any special hardware.

None of the systems are internet based, all the data is stored on your local computer which leaves you totally in control of your information and allows you to compile estimates and reports quickly with instant calculations. An Internet connection is only required for sending reports/images/emails or collecting your software licence.

General EasiEst Functionality

The below explains some of the main features of the systems. Please note: not all functionality is available on all EasiEst versions - for further information please Contact Us.

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Intelligent Estimating

As well as providing repair data for several thousand vehicles, including cars, motorcycles and LCVs, the estimating system also allows you to create your own vehicle models which may not be in the system. If you enter your own opinion times for the parts on these vehicles, the system will remember these and present them to you the next time you carry out an estimate on the same model in the future. Some of our customers use this feature to build up their own database on vehicle types which they repair regularly which are not mainstream, i.e. Ambulances, Dust carts or even Helicopters!

Estimating Reminders

Each time you add a repairable part into a new estimate the system will automatically present you with a list of the items associated or connected to the part so that you can decide whether these require removing and refitting. This ensures that you do not overlook or forget any operations required from your estimates which you could otherwise miss and forget to charge for.

Estimating Printing

There are four different estimate print outs available on the system which allow you to select the one which you consider looks best for you. Each of the estimate forms can be customised by changing the print options to include, or exclude, totals, rates, prices, etc., so you can change and recall your own preferred standard print out each time.

Estimating Flat Rate Times

You can set-up your own times or prices for specific parts in the system and the system will use these each time you call the part into an estimate, this proves handy for parts like number plates where each bodyshop prefers to set their own fixed price which may not be the same as the systems standard amount.

Links to Thatchams eScribe Methods Manuals

We are approved by Thatcham to offer an integrated link to their eScribe method manuals from our estimating system. If you subscribe to this data from Thatcham you are able to click on a button within the estimating system to view the method manual for the vehicle you are compiling an estimate on.

Estimating Links

EasiEst is able to intelligently import estimates from these other estimating systems; Audatex, Glassmatix, Interest, ARCS and Quoits. Once imported into the management system you can order parts, produce job cards, create invoices, etc., just as if you had completed the estimate in Motex.

Digital Photographs

The system allows you to enter a virtually unlimited number of digital photographs from any camera that is compatible with your computer. These photos are stored against each estimate or job for easy reference and can be emailed and printed with your estimates.

Address Book and Records

The system allows you to enter and record an unlimited number of address records and separates these into the different contact groups (i.e. insurers, owners, parts suppliers, etc.). You are able to store all of your agreed rates and terms against each work providers address record and these will get automatically applied each time you compile a new estimate for the principal.


You can send any document produced by the Motex system by email to virtually anyone in the world. If you currently fax, or even post your documents, why not consider emailing them to save both time and money and keep your customers happy with a quicker turn around.

Electronic Filing and Document Storage

You are able to link scanned documents to each of your workshop jobs which could provide you with instant access to all correspondence at the touch of a button. All you need is a document scanner, which are relatively inexpensive nowadays, and you could also save some room by reducing the number of filing cabinets you need and quite a bit of time which you might currently waste trying to find paperwork.

Staff Holiday Calendar

Although this is designed to work in conjuction with the barcode time recording software, you can use the holiday and absenteeism calendar independently to record all your staffs absence. It allows you to set-up each individuals holiday entitlements and you can view/report on holidays or absences at the touch of the button.

Letter Writing System

As well as being able to write new letters to anyone about any subject, the system also allows you to set-up standard letters which you can re-use again and again with minimal effort. The letters can automatically import the work provider or owners address from a job saving you a lot of time in re-keying information. As with any other document from the system, the letters can be quickly and simply emailed to anyone with an email address.


Mobile Estimating on Laptops/Tablets

Development on a mobile estimating system has recently been completed which allows you to run a separate version of the software on a laptop or tablet style computer. While your central office computer retains all of the job information, you can electronically send details of a job to the laptop system and take it out to a customers site and complete the estimate (with images and condition reports if needed) then, this gets sent back to your office computer and automatically updates all the information.

Hire Car / Courtesy Car Management

The system allows you to enter and manage each of your hire or courtesy cars. You can integrate the courtesy car with a job record on the system or you can choose to independently hire a vehicle to a customer and invoice them, when required, for hire, fuel, mileage charges, etc. Various reports are available on the hire records allowing you to see profitability of each car, or a full history of who had it and when.

Custom Letterheads to promote your business

As standard, EasiEst will produce a simple header at the top of your estimates and other documents which includes your name, address and contact numbers. If you would like to have your own letterhead appear at the top of each document, including logos or other art work, then Motex can incorporate this into the system, which will allow you to provide a more professional image to your customers. These letterheads will also be automatically included in any emails which you send from the system.

Customer Contact History

In order to maintain a complete record of customer contact it is good practice to make an entry on the Notes screen of each estimate or workshop job every time you have contact with someone. Short cut codes can easily be set-up for standard phrases which will allow you to build up whole sentences by just hitting a few keys. Each entry you make on the notes screen is automatically logged with the date and time of the entry enabling you to see exactly what was said to who and when.

Parts Ordering

You can create integrated purchase orders on the system selecting the parts required on a given job and email this to your parts supplier. You can even send a parts quotation request to a parts supplier by email when you complete a new estimate which asks them to confirm the very latest prices. Full reports are available on the orders placed with each supplier which allows you to view the profit levels you have made on parts ordered from each supplier.

Barcode Time Recording

If you currently use a manual system to record the time spent on a job why not consider utilising the barcode system which is built into EasiEst? In its most basic form all you would need is a barcode reader £100) (available from hardware suppliers) and you will be able to accurately capture the time spent on a job. The system will also allow your workers to clock in and out each day so you can report on the number of hours they have been at work as well as non-productive time when they are driving or attending training courses.

Quality Control System

EasiEst allows you to print out a quality control sheet with every job card produced on the system to remind the technicians to check a set list of items once the vehicle has been repaired. The results of the quality check can be recorded quickly and easily by using the barcode system which helps you maintain your quality records with the minimum of effort.

Job Sheets

The system allows you to set-up the format and flow of the jobs sheet to best suit the way your bodyshop operates. It can list all the operations required on a job in the order you choose, which allows you to match the vehicles progress through the bodyshop. You can choose whether or not you want the time shown on the job sheet for each operation, and you can even reduce the estimated time for each class of work by a percentage before giving it out to the shop floor, to hold back some time for administration expenses.

Imports Paint Scales Data

EasiEst is able to import paint mix and cost information from the paint scales systems provided by the following paint companies; Glasurit Profit Manager, R-Ms ShopMaster, BMWs Product Manager and Akzo Nobels Mixit2. Importing the paint data will allow you to monitor the actual cost of paint used against each job.

Stock Control

A full stock control system is in the final stages of development which will allow you to enter and control each part, or consumable, which you purchase. Your stock can be automatically searched before you order any new parts and is integrated with the job parts ordering system. Low stock reports, stock activity reports and a full audit of each individual parts history will also be available.

Management Reports

A wide variety of standard management reports are available in the system. These are supported by the Just Ask function, which allow you to set-up your own analysis reports on every field of information within the system. You can then export to other databases and spreadsheets to format the report exactly as you want it.

Sales Invoicing

The system is able to produce intelligent invoices, splitting the repair costs between an insurance company and the owner for excess, VAT and betterment contributions without you having to manually work out the figures. You can then run sales statements for customers, record payments against their accounts and issue credit notes, when required. Supported with work-in-progress and sales analysis reports you can see how much each of your customers are spending with you at the touch of a button.

Accounting Links

EasiEst is able to export all of your sales invoices in a format which can be imported into Sage Line50. If you already use Sage then this could save you a lot of time by minimising the re-keying of information and you are able to set-up which nominal codes the different types of sales are linked with.

Automatic Backups

Once you begin to rely on a computer system it is imperative that you take regular back-ups of the information you store on it in case the system suffers from hardware failure, fire or theft. EasiEst make this process as easy as possible by including an automatic back-up system which, once you have set it up properly, can take daily back-up copies of your data at a preset time each day. We would highly recommend that you store the data backup off-site, just in case anything should happen to the systems in your office.

Vehicle Identification Look-up

We have developed a link to the VRR CarWeb system, to automatically retrieve vehicle information from their on-line service, when you enter the registration number. This facility does require an extra subscription to CarWeb’s service, but it can save valuable time and incorporates all the relevant vehicle data direct into the job.

Post Code Look-up

To save time and improve accuracy when loading new jobs, you can use our United Kingdom wide post code search to look-up and retrieve the street name and town for any address you need to enter onto the system. This feature is available as an optional extra on our systems, and will attract an additional charge if you choose to use it.

Service Management and MoT Diary

Within the Bodyshop system there is a workshop management package, including an MoT diary, for businesses who undertake bodywork and vehicle servicing, which allows for vehicle services to be managed from start to finish. This feature includes the ability to build up mechanical job cards (with free text or from your own picking list of service schedules), manage an MoT diary, produce job sheets with barcode time recording, stock control and invoicing.

BMS (Bodyshop Management System)

We think that the BMS system will cover virtually all of the requirements of a vehicle repair business in today's market. The main features included within the BMS system are;
  • Intelligent easy to use graphical estimating, with costs calculated instantly;
  • Ability to email estimates, images and many other documents;
  • Imports estimates from other systems;
  • Option to use Thatcham's TTS & TPS data;
  • Integrated barcode time recording module;
  • Live operative audit providing real time progress;
  • Progress updates on the Internet for your customers;
  • Integrated parts ordering and stock control system;
  • Intelligent invoicing and sales accounts;
  • Wide array of management reports and the ability to set-up your own;
  • Work progress prompts and reminder system;
  • Integrated letter writing system;
  • Intelligent address book for all your contacts;
  • Courtesy Car / Car Hire control;
  • Digital archiving - scan and recall all documents for each job;
  • Satellite mobile estimating system available;
  • Link to Paint Scales;
  • Link to Sage for sales accounts;
  • Single User or Network Licence;
  • No long term contracts;
  • Service Management and MoT Diary;
Quarterly updates are issued, which includes new software developments/enhancements and vehicle data. The quarterly update is included within the subscription fee.

For further information, please see the General EasiEst Functionality section.

BES (Bodyshop Estimating System) PAYG

The BES pay-as-you-go system is designed for all sizes of vehicle repair businesses who only wish to use the estimating and invoicing elements of our system. The main features included within the BES system are;
  • Nominal one off set up fee for Single User Licence;
  • Extremely competitve cost per estimate;
  • Intelligent easy to use Graphical Estimating;
  • Option to use Thatcham's TTS & TPS data;
  • Estimate costs calculated instantly;
  • Intelligent invoicing;
  • Ability to email estimates and images to anyone;
  • No long term contracts;
Quarterly updates are available, which includes new software developments/enhancements and vehicle data.

For further information, please see the General EasiEst Functionality section.

EMS (Engineers Management System)

The Engineers Management System will allow you to manage all inspections and reports from the office. Should you have field engineers who wish to run the system using the laptop EIS system to complete reports out in the field, then these can be transmitted automatically to the office system. The features included within the EMS system are;
  • Schedule inspections for engineers;
  • Intelligent report generator;
  • Intelligent easy to use graphical estimating;
  • Repair costs calculated instantly;
  • Complete savings and analysis reports;
  • Full letter/correspondence system;
  • Integrated image/photo capture;
  • Email reports, fees, letters and images;
  • Integrated digital archiving/filing;
  • Automatic principal updates;
  • Integrated fee invoicing;
  • Option to use Thatcham's TTS & TPS data;
  • Links to Sage for sales invoices;
  • Single User or Network Licence;
  • No long term contracts;
For further information, please see the General EasiEst Functionality section.

EIS (Engineers Inspection System)

The Engineers Inspection System is designed to operate on "tablet" type computers but will also function on almost any conventional laptop or desktop pc. It allows engineers in the field to electronically receive inspection instructions from the EMS system in the central office, complete fully costed damage reports and return them back electronically to the office automatically integrating the data at either end. The main features included within the EIS system are;
  • Intelligent report generator;
  • Intelligent easy to use graphical estimating;
  • Repair costs calculated instantly;
  • Links to mapping system for directions to inspections;
  • Complete savings and analysis reports;
  • Integrated image/photo capture;
  • Email reports, fees, letters and images;
  • Automatic principal updates;
  • Option to use Thatcham's TTS & TPS data;
  • No long term contracts;
For further information, please see the General EasiEst Functionality section.

ETS (Electronic Trading System)

The Electronic Trading System allows parts suppliers to receive parts quotation requests and parts orders from users of the Bodyshop BMS systems. The supplier can confirm the part numbers, prices and any discounts they wish to offer the bodyshop and electronically return acknowledgements which get automatically integrated into the bodyshop user's system. The features included within the ETS system are;
  • Electronic parts requests and orders;
  • Parts pricing system;
  • Exports data to Dealer Management Systems;
  • Intelligent easy to use graphical estimating;
  • Option to use Thatcham's TTS & TPS data;
  • No long term contracts;
For further information, please see the General EasiEst Functionality section.

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