Reportal Login Reportal is a unique online system, accessible from any Internet connected device, which enables Principals (such as Insurance Companies, Brokers, Fleet Management Companies, etc...), Assessors, and Repairers to work together to manage insurance claims and vehicle repairs more efficiently, saving both time and costs whilst providing more transparency and control.

To Principals, Reportal provides unparalleled and comprehensive claims management, providing Principals with better claims control and knowledge. Additionally, Reportal can seamlessly interface with your internal systems thereby negating rekeying data and keeping both systems up-to-date with claims progress.

To Assessors and Repairers, Reportal provides comprehensive claims management, reporting, and estimating (including optional data, such as Thatcham TTS/TPS and IAG NTAR repair/pricing data) in an extremely cost-effective web-based system that does much of the hard work for Assessors and Repairers.

Additionally, because Reportal is online, all registered interested parties (Principals, Assessors, and Repairers) are instantly aware of changes/additions made to claims, keeping all parties up-to-date and reminding them when tasks should be completed.

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Reportal Login Reportal Login Reportal Login

Reportal Functionality

The below explains some of the main features of the Reportal systems. Please note: not all functionality is available on all versions - for further information please Contact Us.

Reportal Thatcham

Thatcham TTS/TPS Estimating

The Thatcham Times System (TTS) is a database created by Thatcham for use in estimating accident damage. The archive contains a comprehensive collection of repair times for replacing parts and panels. Launched in 1995, TTS now has over 17 years’ experience and is the only times system available that also incorporates the repair method.

Thatcham Times are easily traceable at any point and the accuracy can be checked on any vehicle. The Thatcham database creates times via computer analysis for the removal and replacement of panels and parts. It completes this through an evaluation of the number and type of welds on a part. This analysis can also be carried out for the removal and replacement of mechanical, electrical or trim items through analysing the number of bolts, clips or screws and the refinishing time where applicable. The paint database has been reviewed and updated to reflect modern day methods and EPA compliant materials.

TTS times, in conjunction with parts data from the Thatcham Parts System (TPS), assists in the preparation of fully comprehensive and accurate estimates. Thatcham Times are widely recognised by insurers and repairers alike for their accuracy and auditability.

Estimating Links

Reportal is able to intelligently import estimates from these other estimating systems; Audatex and Glassmatix. Once imported into the management system you can produce job cards, create invoices, etc., just as if you had completed the estimate in Motex.

Reportal Images

Digital Photographs

Reportal allows you to upload digital photographs. These photos are stored against each claim for easy reference and can be emailed and printed with your estimates.

Address Book and Records

Reportal allows you to enter and record an unlimited number of address records and separates these into the different contact groups (i.e. insurers, owners, parts suppliers, etc.).


You can send any document produced by the Reportal system by email to virtually anyone in the world. If you currently fax, or even post your documents, why not consider emailing them to save both time and money and keep your customers happy with a quicker turn around.

Electronic Filing and Document Storage

You are able to upload scanned documents to each claim which provides you with instant access to all correspondence at the touch of a button. All you need is a document scanner, which are relatively inexpensive nowadays, and you could also save some room by reducing the number of filing cabinets you need and quite a bit of time which you might currently waste trying to find paperwork.

Letter Writing System

As well as being able to write new letters to anyone about any subject, Reportal also allows you to set-up standard letters which you can re-use again and again with minimal effort. The letters can automatically import the work provider or owners address from a job saving you a lot of time in re-keying information. As with any other document from the system, the letters can be quickly and simply emailed to anyone with an email address.

Mobile Estimating on Laptops/Tablets/Phones

Because Reportal is web-based, you can access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Therefore, you could do a complete estimate or inspection report, and email it, right by the side of the vehicle if you wish. However, with Reportal you can also download the integrated estimate/inspection forms, for times when you don't have an Internet connection.

Hire Car (Courtesy Car) Management

Reportal allows you to enter and manage each of your hire or courtesy cars. You can integrate the courtesy car with a job record on the system and invoice, for hire, fuel, mileage charges, etc.

Custom Letterheads to promote your business

As standard, Reportal will produce a simple header at the top of your estimates, reports and other documents which includes your name, address and contact numbers. If you would like to have your own letterhead appear at the top of each document, including logos or other art work, then you can incorporate this into Reportal, which will allow you to provide a more professional image to your customers.

Customer Contact History

In order to maintain a complete record of customer contact it is good practice to make an entry on Reportal's Diary screen for each estimate or workshop job every time you have contact with someone. Short cut codes can easily be set-up for standard phrases which will allow you to build up whole sentences by just hitting a few keys. Each entry you make on the notes screen is automatically logged with the date and time of the entry enabling you to see exactly what was said to who and when.

Sales Invoicing

The system is able to produce intelligent invoices, splitting the repair costs between an insurance company and the owner (for excess, VAT and betterment contributions) without you having to manually work out the figures.

Accounting Links

Reportal is able to export all of your sales invoices in a format which can be imported into Sage Line50 (other accounts system may be available on request). This could save you a lot of time by minimising the re-keying of information and you are able to set-up which nominal codes the different types of sales are linked with.

Automatic Backups

Once you begin to rely on a computer system it is imperative that you take regular back-ups of the information you store on it in case the system suffers from hardware failure, fire or theft. Reportal make this process as easy as possible by including an optional automatic back-up system which can take daily back-up copies of your data.

Vehicle Identification Look-up

We have developed a link to the VRR CarWeb system, to automatically retrieve vehicle information from their on-line service, when you enter the registration number. This facility does require an extra subscription to CarWeb’s service, but it can save valuable time and incorporates all the relevant vehicle data direct into the job.

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