Parts identification and pricing is a particularly complex and problematic chore for everyone involved in the automotive industry.

This already difficult task continues to get even more complicated as: vehicle manufacturers from Australia, Europe, Asia and America continue to increase their respective model ranges and derivatives; new manufacturers continue to be born into the marketplace; and non-genuine and recycled parts are more frequently used.

Price-IT is an innovative solution which provides a solution, to this thorny issue, for everyone.

Price-IT has a unique and extremely easy-to-use interface that takes only a few minutes to understand and feel comfortable with:
  • Firstly, a vehicle must be selected which, despite the huge number of vehicles available within Price-IT, is achieved by a sensibly structured process that quickly narrows down the choices to the precise vehicle derivative required.
  • Each individual part is given a generic description which is the same across all vehicles, providing continuity and familiarity within part selection.
  • Additionally, the parts are separated into logical sections, such as Front Outer Fittings, Rear Outer Fittings and Doors, thereby grouping all similar parts together.
  • Price-IT also includes the common and generally adopted part codes which will further help many users.
  • As parts for the vehicle are selected a running total of the value of the parts is calculated.
  • Once all parts have been selected the parts list can be printed on the users own pre-printed stationary.

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